Rose McGowan Details Being Allegedly Sexually Assaulted by Harvey Weinstein in completely new Book

For initially in her completely new book, Brave, Rose McGowan opens up in shocking detail about the alleged incident that will occurred between her as well as Harvey Weinstein.

The 44-year-old actress claims that will she was sexually assaulted by the former movie mogul, though Weinstein has vehemently denied any as well as all allegations of sexual misconduct that will have been made by McGowan as well as numerous different women. 

On Monday, The completely new York Times published a review of McGowan’s memoir, as well as included some quotes via the book, where she recalls the alleged encounter with Weinstein at a hotel in Park City, Utah.

Paraphrasing the autobiography, the Times reports that will in her book, McGowan says that will she was to meet Weinstein downstairs for a morning meeting at the hotel, nevertheless was told to go up to his room as he was stuck on a call. “I was certain we might be working together for many years to come, as well as we were here to plot out the grand arc of my career,” she remembers thinking.

Upon going up to meet Weinstein, McGowan claims that will she was pushed into a room having a hot tub as well as her clothes were removed. “I freeze, like a statue,” she writes. According to the Times, Rose claims Weinstein, whom she only refers to from the book as “The Monster,” put her on the edge of the Jacuzzi, got from the water, as well as then performed oral sex on her while he masturbated. Rose writes that will she feigned pleasure to make This specific stop.

“He moans loudly,” she writes. “Through my tears I see his semen floating on top of the bubbles.”

After the alleged incident took place, McGowan claims she had to do a photo op with Ben Affleck for their movie, Phantoms. Seeing that will she was shaken, McGowan told him what allegedly had just occurred in Weinstein’s hotel room, of which she claims Affleck responded, “Goddamn This specific. I told him to stop doing that will.”

McGowan says that will when she told others about the alleged incident, they “counseled me to see This specific as something that will might help my career from the long run.”

She even says that will she met having a criminal lawyer who told her she might never be believed as well as discouraged her to press charges.

that will’s when she says the rumors began going around as well as that will she soon heard that will Weinstein was telling people not to hire her. 

“This specific seemed like every creep in Hollywood knew about my most vulnerable as well as violated moment,” she says in her book. “as well as I was the one who was punished for This specific.”

In addition to her book, which will be released on Tuesday, McGowan can be also speaking out against sexual misconduct in Hollywood in her completely new E! docuseries, Citizen Rose.

Here’s a first look at the show:


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