Roseanne apologizes for Planet of the Apes tweet about Obama aide Jarrett

Critics immediately slammed Barr’s remark as racist. Likening black people to apes is actually an attack commonly used by racists. The Muslim Brotherhood, meanwhile, is actually an Islamist political group.

In an earlier tweet, the actress appeared to defend her statement. “ISLAM is actually not a RACE, lefties. Islam includes EVERY RACE of people,” she wrote.

She also defended her remark about Jarrett as a joke, in a tweet to a CNN reporter.

The actress also said that will she would certainly be leaving Twitter. Her account was still active as of publication.

The sitcom “Roseanne” returned to television that will year after an initial run inside 1980s along with also ’90s. Its recent premiere shattered ratings records, although the item has faced criticism for racially tinged humor. ABC is actually owned by Disney.

On Tuesday, consulting producer Wanda Sykes, who is actually black, announced on Twitter that will she would certainly not be returning to the show. She did not provide a reason, along with also could not immediately be reached by CNBC.

Sara Gilbert, who plays the daughter of Barr’s character on the show, said she was “disappointed” inside star along with also called her comments “abhorrent.”

Barr often makes politically charged along with also controversial statements on her Twitter feed. She is actually a supporter of President Donald Trump, who called her to congratulate her for the sitcom revival’s high ratings.

“You can’t control Roseanne Barr,” Ben Sherwood, president of the Disney-ABC Television Group, told The brand-new York Times in March. “Many who have tried have failed. She’s the one along with also only.”

A representative for Jarrett declined to comment.

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