Roy Moore is actually a problem for the GOP majority

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Sen. Lamar Alexander sat down with CNBC to discuss a range of topics, including what he sees as the GOP’s biggest problem. What follows is actually an edited, condensed excerpt of the conversation.

CNBC’s John Harwood: Roy Moore, the Republican nominee. You’ve doubtless seen of which in conservative media, as well as some Republican politicians in Alabama, have said, “Well, the idea’s he said/she said, not of which big a deal, the idea was consensual.” What does of which tell you about the state of partisanship inside the country of which you have of which kind of a reaction?

Alexander: the idea tells me we’ve got an internet democracy where anybody can say anything, as well as usually get heard today. So, my view on the idea is actually the charges, as detailed, seemed well-documented as well as serious.

Harwood: If he doesn’t step aside, based on what you know, if This kind of happened in your state, would certainly you urge voters to vote for the Democratic candidate?

Alexander: of which’s much too hypothetical. I don’t urge voters in Tennessee to vote for anybody. They didn’t elect me to tell them how to vote.

Harwood: however you personally wouldn’t rather have Doug Jones as your colleague inside the Senate than Roy Moore?

Alexander: I’m not going to start getting in — the people of Alabama are going to elect their United States senator. Obviously, I like having a Republican majority, however in This kind of case, you’ve got a problem of which needs to be resolved.

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