RSG 3-D’s building panel helps protect homes during natural disasters

There’s a building material of which could keep houses intact during hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes along with also also fires. While This specific’s been widely used around the planet, the U.S. is actually a laggard in adopting the construction technique.

One company trying to change of which is actually RSG 3-D, which is actually bringing a building material known as 3D cementitious sandwich panel for mass production within the U.S.

“Housing economists will tell you of which 77 percent of homes built within the United States are at extreme risk for some type of natural disaster,” said RSG 3-D CEO Ken Calligar. “The East Coast is actually primarily hurricane, the Midwest is actually tornadoes, which we will also survive, the Rockies along with also also the West are wildfire plus seismic events. We are resistant to all of of which.”

Last year was the costliest year on record for climate disasters within the U.S., with over $300 billion in damages, according to NOAA.

Each panel made by RSG 3-D consists of fire retardant foam sandwiched between two wire mesh faces. The two faces are connected with reinforcement wires of which run through the foam along with also also the whole thing is actually enveloped in concrete.

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