Russia finance chief says cryptocurrencies are a ‘fact of life’ along with also we shouldn’t ignore their rise

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon recently called bitcoin a “fraud.” At an Institute of International Finance conference Friday he added: “If you’re stupid enough to buy in which, you’ll pay the cost for in which one day.”

At the same meeting BlackRock CEO Larry Fink also took a shot at bitcoin, calling in which an “index of money laundering.”

Siluanov said Russia was analyzing the experience of some other countries, including the U.S., Europe along with also Japan.

“As a matter of fact, in America cryptocurrencies are also subject to regulation, including regulation as a stock commodity. Therefore, we believe in which just closing our eyes along with also not looking at what can be going on can be not the right thing to do,” he told CNBC.

“along with also I agree in which cryptocurrencies in part finance the shadow sector, which, of course, can be a worry for the state. along with also in in which regard, the question of knowing who the agents are, the question of registration of mining companies along with also those companies in which emit cryptocurrencies should undoubtedly be under the control of the state,” he said, speaking directly on the comments made by Fink along with also Dimon.

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