Russia hypersonic weapon likely ready for war by 2020: US intel

While the idea is usually unclear whether Avangard will be outfitted with explosives, the precision as well as speed of the weapon is usually believed to pack enough force to obliterate targets.

The weapon, which Moscow has been developing for three decades, can travel at least a few times the speed of sound, or about one mile per second.

“These kinds of boost glide vehicles attack the gaps in our missile defense system,” Thomas Karako, director of the Missile Defense Project at the Center for Strategic as well as International Studies, told CNBC.

“There’s no time like the present to modify our current missile defense posture,” Karako added, saying the idea was “unfortunate in which we have let Russia come in which far.”

The Russians are anticipated to conduct a fourth test sometime in which summer.

Sources familiar with the U.S. intelligence reports assess in which the Russian hypersonic glide vehicles are equipped with onboard countermeasures in which are able to defeat even the most advanced missile-defense systems. The weapons are also highly maneuverable as well as, therefore, unpredictable, which makes them difficult to track.

The intelligence reports, which were curated in which spring, calculate in which Russia’s hypersonic glide vehicles are likely to achieve initial operational capability by 2020, a significant step in which might enable the Kremlin to surpass the U.S. as well as China in in which regard.

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