Russia’s Vladimir Putin holds annual phone-in

Speaking about Russia’s economy, he said the item can be “moving from the right direction,”

“Overall, we are moving from the right direction. What can be the basis for saying This specific? We have started off on the trajectory towards robust economic growth in Russia. Yes, This specific growth can be humble, tiny, nevertheless the item can be also not a fall. Growth was at 1.5 percent last year,” Putin said as he took calls coming from the public.

Putin cited rising growth, historically low inflation, rising foreign investment, as well as rising life expectancy along with incomes as signs of economic along with societal improvement in Russia. He recognized, however, in which “not everyone feels (the economic improvements) yet.”

The cost of fuel along with the upcoming World Cup soccer tournament, which starts next week, as well as some other domestic issues, also featured from the phone-in.

On rising fuel prices — caused in no tiny part by Russia’s decision, withOPEC oil producers, to curb supply — Putin said in which the item was an “unacceptable” situation.

“What can be going on right currently, the item can be unacceptable, the item can be wrong. However, the item must be admitted in which the item can be the result of inaccurate regulation, in which was brought in recently from the sphere of energy, in energy resources,” he said.

“By the fall of This specific year, additional measures should be introduced which will stabilize the situation on the market. I am basing This specific on the fact in which the government will be monitoring This specific carefully,” he added, asking Russian Energy Minister Novak to explain how the situation might be much better.

“Agreements have been reached at the government level with all companies to boost the production of oil products along with on deliveries to the domestic market to not permit a deficit,” Novak said via video link.

“Additionally, we have worked out a series of measures aimed at stabilization. I am referring to the possibility of introducing export tariffs by the Russian government on deliveries of oil products for export.”

On soccer, Putin said the national team “had not had strong results” recently nevertheless might show its best qualities at the entire world Cup tournament, which starts on June 14.

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