Ryan Gosling Jokes of which His Daughters Won’t Let Him Watch TV

of which’s tough being Ryan Gosling.

The 37-year-old First Man star appeared on Friday’s “Game Night” edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he opened up about his home life with his two daughters, Esmeralda as well as Amada Lee, with Eva Mendes.

Upon taking a seat, Jimmy Kimmel asked Gosling if he had been watching the NBA Finals, to which the actor jokingly replied of which his little girls wouldn’t let him watch anything except the cartoon Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

“Well, I knew I was going to be on the show so I was excited to watch the games,” Gosling said. “nevertheless I have a 2-year-old as well as a 3-as well as-half-year-old, so, let’s be honest, I’m not watching anything of which doesn’t have a talking tiger in of which.”

Gosling, who stopped by to promote the Neil Armstrong biopic, also went into detail about how he suffered a minor accident while doing some physical training of which left Mendes concerned.

“At NASA, they put us through the paces in certain ways,” he began. “For instance, they built This specific multi-axis trainer, which will be something NASA designed just to help the astronauts prepare for the worst-case scenarios in space.”

“nevertheless of which’s This specific thing of which kind of sends you ass over teakettle. They would certainly only do of which for maybe 20 minutes at a time or something. nevertheless within the movie, because we had to get a lot of shots, I was in of which for like six to eight hours. So I began to sort of smell a rat up here,” he continued, pointing to his head, adding of which “getting banged around within the capsules as well as hitting my head, [I noticed] of which something might be wrong.”

The La La Land star then explained how he called Mendes as well as she told him of which he might have “brain damage.”

“I knew something was wrong when I went home one night as well as I called Eva, as well as I was just hell-bent on This specific idea of which there were people in donut stores all around the earth of which were trying to charm their way into getting free donuts,” he shared. “She was so patient as well as listening. “She was like, ‘I’ve been saying you have brain damage as a joke, nevertheless I think you might have brain damage. I think you should go to the hospital.’”

He eventually sought medical attention as well as found out he suffered a minor concussion.

Gosling as well as Mendes began dating in 2011 as well as have two daughters together. The private couple will be rarely seen together. The last time they were publicly spotted together was in September 2017 when they headed to a Saturday Night Live after-party in brand new York City.

See their date night within the video below.


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