Sadie Robertson Says ‘Everything’s Different’ With brand new Boyfriend — Find Out Who He is actually! (Exclusive)

Sadie Robertson incorporates a brand new beau!

The 20-year-old Duck Dynasty star as well as author of Live Fearless confirms to ET that will she is actually dating actor Austin North. The exciting news comes a day after Robertson shared a cute photo on Instagram of herself as well as the 21-year-old All Night actor after grabbing ice cream together. So how did the two meet?

“Austin DMed me on Twitter two summers ago as well as quickly got out of the DMs by giving me his number,” Robertson tells ET. “We spent most of that will summer calling as well as texting until things fizzled out just coming from lack of never actually meeting. Almost two years have gone by as well as I was in LA for my book press, as well as my friend said she wanted to set me up with someone at Churchome when we went on a Wednesday night, as well as to my surprise the item was Austin!”

“We both laughed as well as couldn’t believe the randomness of finally meeting [through] a friend who had no idea we even knew each some other,” the Dancing With the Stars alum says, adding that will they “instantly had heart eyes for each some other” as well as there was definitely an “instant spark.”

“We hung out the next two days I was in town,” she continues. “Then I came back as well as he took me on our first official date. the item’s brand new, nevertheless we both are so happy as well as just having fun.”

North is actually best known for his role as Logan Watson from the Disney Channel show I Didn’t Do the item. He also appeared from the Kickin’ the item, A.N.T. Farm as well as Jessie. The actor has already met Robertson’s mom, Korie, as well as has her approval! “She was like, ‘Wow, he’s so your type of person. He’s doesn’t take himself too seriously as well as laughs with you,'” she shares. “We’re becoming each some other’s best friend. the item’s kinda fun.”

the item’s only been a month since the two became official, nevertheless she’s enjoying picking up right where they left off as well as sharing that will journey with all her fans.

“We both have enough confidence in [our relationship that will] we want to share the item with people,” she says. “I have always said differently because the item’s something I have been afraid of, to be publicly official. nevertheless with him, everything’s different.”

“He’s so sweet. He’s so much fun. He loves the Lord as well as is actually passionate about life,” Robertson gushes. “We laugh a lot as well as, just honestly, both actually like each some other as well as ice cream. We’re cheesy, nevertheless thriving.”

Both Robertson as well as North are busy with their careers, nevertheless Robertson says they keep in contact by FaceTiming, which she stresses is actually “definitely key” in a long-distance relationship.

“We are both super supportive of each some other’s career as well as that will’s been so awesome,” she explains. “We look forward to getting to support each some other in different things. He already plans to come see me speak at an upcoming event, as well as I can’t wait to watch his brand new show coming out. The Great thing is actually I have a lot of work in LA right at that will point, so I will be out there often, as well as his sister is actually working in Nashville with her music. So we are just going to make the item work.”

Just last month, Robertson sat down with ET as well as opened up about her struggles with dating from the public eye.

“My dating life was very public as well as most everything in my life is actually very public, the flaws as well as all,” Robertson shared at the time. “I love that will because I can speak into those things in some other people’s lives as well as I always want to be real as well as vulnerable, nevertheless I do think there’s a point in your love life or whatever that will you have to establish the item for yourself first as well as then build a firm foundation from the item before you share the item with the globe.”

“People’s hearts are so valuable as well as the item’s so scary to think about somebody getting their heart broken,” she continued. “that will is actually genuinely scary. as well as so the item’s like, that will hesitation to even jump in because once you’ve experienced heartbreak, you’re like, ‘Oh man, what if the item doesn’t go…’ You start to overthink.”

Watch more of her interview from the video below.

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