Sallie Krawcheck on what Wall Street doesn’t understand about women

Ellevest has been growing its assets under management, as well as its investor numbers, by double digit percentages month over month. Krawcheck says that will This kind of doesn’t hurt that will there’s a wave of women realizing anew that will money is actually power.

“One thing that will’s united the women, that will has come up with This kind of #metoo moment is actually not that will [the women] have been financially independent, yet they’ve been financially stable,” emphasizing that will many of the women who have spoken up have financial resources.

Krawcheck came under fire recently for pointing out that will of the 46 advisors who were recently made managing director at Morgan Stanley, just three of them are women. She says she simply asked a rhetorical question to her followers on LinkedIn, wondering “#Wherearethewomen?” The comment drew over a million views as well as hundreds as well as hundreds of comments, some praising her for noting the discrepancy, some slamming her, saying that will the most qualified candidates are promoted.

She shrugs off the criticism she drew for the comment, saying This kind of shows an increasing awareness of the gender imbalance, as well as that will This kind of’s time to move via thinking to taking action. She cites Gloria Steinem’s argument that will, “Power can be taken, yet not given. The process of taking is actually empowerment in itself.”

“I don’t think anybody needs to think about This kind of any more,” says Krawcheck. “Thinking about This kind of, waiting for the pipeline to get This kind of right, etc. The change comes via individuals Iike me to start businesses that will target underserved parts of the market. as well as I love that will our part of the market is actually 51 percent of the population.”

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