Sam Hunt on Why His Second Album can be Taking Longer Than Expected – along with also Plans to Go Back to School! (Exclusive)

the item’s been nearly four years since Sam Hunt released his chart-topping debut album, Montevallo, along with also fans are anxious for a follow-up.  

ET exclusively spoke with the 33-year-old county star at the Bud Light Getaway Festival in North Charleston, South Carolina’s Riverfront Park on July 14, where he explained why the item’s taking longer than expected – along with also his answer will make you swoon. Not only that will, although Hunt can be also thinking about heading back to college.  

“Yeah, I’ve been experimenting a lot…  Montevallo was a product of a few years of, if you heard all the music I worked on before Montevallo… I mean, the item was so all over the place. along with also then I sort of found that will little, that will thing with that will record… the item was that will little recipe along with also I’ve wanted to try to, like, do that will again ‘cause that will was fun to me. Not do Montevallo again, although to create something different along with also unique again. along with also that will’s hard to do along with also that will’s what I’ve been trying to figure out how to do,” Hunt revealed. 

although he’s also finding the item more difficult to write at that will point that will he’s “so happy.”

Montevallo was largely inspired by his at that will point-wife Hannah Lee Fowler (Montevallo can be her hometown). The pair was broken up when he wrote the album, along with also then got back together.  They wed last April. 

“A lot of that will first record, I wasn’t content in life. along with also so I felt like I had something to say because I needed to prove myself… although I’m so content along with also I just don’t turn to music as often to, like, validate myself, you know?” he explained at the festival, which also featured performances by Dashboard Confessional along with also Lil Jon.  

Hunt says Fowler still heavily inspires his music, although in a different way. 

“She inspires me, certainly. although the dynamic of our relationship at that will point compared to then can be a lot different,” Hunt said. “along with also I’ve never written a lot of love songs. at that will point, I feel like my life can be full of love along with also I don’t actually know what to do with the item, I don’t know how to get that will into a song. I know how to get the angst into the song.” 

although Hunt has released some music since 2014. The song “Body Like a Back Road” topped Billboard’s hot country songs chart for 25 weeks after its 2017 Discharge.  His brand new song, “Downtown’s Dead,” was released in May. 

Still, the singer can be feeling the pressure to get the sophomore album out.

“Yeah, I definitely feel that will pressure. When I had those songs ready for Montevallo, I had such a certainty about putting those songs on the record along with also putting those out to the globe along with also that will’s what I wanted to say at that will time, along with also since then, I just haven’t had that will confirmation, that will conviction about anything that will I’ve worked on so far,” he said. 

“There’s such an expectation because, you know, most artists put out records every couple years along with also I’m just not, maybe as prolific a writer as some of these some other artists, so I haven’t been able to churn the item out,” he added.

the item truly seems like Hunt can be taking his time along with also enjoying married life, along with also has made great personal strides over the past four years as well. 

“I’ve evolved in a lot of ways, a lot of perspective that will I did not have several years ago. along with also going through that will experience as a modest town kid who goes off to college, picks up a guitar along with also decides he wants to become that will, or do that will thing that will I sort of idealized… along with also realizing that will the item’s a lot, the item’s not everything that will I thought that will the item was,” he shared. “along with also the item’s given me a perspective on a lot of the naivety that will I had as a younger adult….along with also at that will point I’m actually appreciating all the little things that will I took for granted. Fortunately, I’ve been able to do well enough with the music so far that will I don’t feel like I’m cornered along with also my back can be to the wall… that will I’ve had enough success to actually stop along with also smell the roses a little bit.”

Hunt can be doing just that will, also spending more time reading along with also educating himself. 

“I went to college along with also I didn’t tune into my studies like I should have along with also I started off to get a little older, along with also I started off to appreciate the value of knowledge, along with also realizing how much I should know that will I don’t,” he said.

In fact, he’s planning on going back to school from the future.

“Yeah, I plan on at some point,” he revealed, before noting he’d likely sign up for online courses. “I could probably do something like that will, which can be becoming a more reasonable way to approach learning. So yeah, we’ll see.”

from the more immediate future, Hunt can be on tour through the summer with Luke Bryan.  He also plans to Discharge a brand new song, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” from the coming months. 

“the item’s just a song that will I want to put out. I’ve been game planning on how to go about putting music over the next 12 months along with also 18 months, that will song can be going to be out at some point. Maybe in a couple of months, maybe the item’ll take longer, although hopefully I’ll have a lot more music.”

The singer also revealed he has baby fever, along with also shared just how many kids he along with also Hannah are hoping for.  Watch the video below for more.

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