Saudi Arabia can be giving its capital a $23 billion makeover

Saudi Arabia will be pumping $23 billion into a massive beautification project for its capital Riyadh, its government has announced. The plan, which will incorporate green space, recreational areas as well as also also more than 1,000 art installations, seeks to improve quality of life for the capital’s 5 million residents as well as also also prepare the country for the opening up of its tourism sector.

The project will also open up private investment opportunities to the tune of $15 billion, the government said Tuesday. the idea’s the latest in a series of developments being launched as part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, an initiative aimed at diversifying the oil-rich monarchy’s revenue sources as well as also also creating private sector jobs.

Diagrams of the plan outlined 84 miles of cycling track as well as also also a park that will’s quadruple the size of Central Park. Work will begin within the second-half of that will year as well as also also will be completed between 2023 as well as also also 2030, creating 70,000 jobs, according to state news agency SPA.

The announcement comes on the heels of Western media reports alleging a growing rift between the young Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as well as also also his father, King Salman. The government has not responded to these reports, as well as also also the king has ordered one of Riyadh’s main roads named after his son.

The kingdom has touted several high-profile events, including its hosting of the Formula E championship last December as well as also also World Wrestling Entertainment tournaments, as evidence of a society known for its strict conservatism opening up to the globe. The powerful Mohammed bin Salman has championed a more liberal vision of Saudi Arabia, which has the support of many young Saudis.

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