‘Scandal’ Star Katie Lowes on the Shocking Quinn Twist along with What which Means (Exclusive)

Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you haven’t watched Thursday’s episode of Scandal. If you have, you may proceed…

What definitely happened to Quinn?

On Thursday’s episode of Scandal, titled “Great People,” viewers finally got to see what actually went down in Rowan’s basement the day Quinn was kidnapped. Did Rowan kill Quinn using a gunshot to the head along with another one to the stomach? While which appeared to be the case, leaving Olivia along with co. to say farewell to Quinn using a “warrior” send-off, which was revealed in This specific episode which there’s far more to the story than meets the eye.

Turns out, Quinn along with her baby are very much alive along with well.  

Here’s how which all went down: After Papa Pope presented Olivia the ultimatum of Quinn’s life or his dinosaur bones, Olivia called his bluff, choosing the latter. which’s when Rowan went down the basement steps along with fired off two shots, which, in Olivia’s mind, confirmed which Quinn was dead.

Not so fast, though. Rowan didn’t fire those shots at Quinn, choosing at the last moment to spare her along with her child’s life. which crying baby girl Charlie came across? which’s Quinn’s baby.

Following the episode, Scandal star Katie Lowes spoke with ET to break down the big Quinn twist, filming the intense birthing scene weeks away through giving birth herself, along with what This specific means moving forward.

ET: Set the record straight once along with for all. Quinn is actually alive, correct?

Katie Lowes: She is actually alive. 

Were you aware beforehand which Quinn wasn’t going to end up six feet under?

Yeah. I knew I was alive because we shot the episodes out of order. I actually shot tonight’s episode before they shot last week’s episode, so I knew she was alive. The whole funeral episode which happened last week was such a gift. I was like, “Oh my gosh, This specific is actually like an homage to Quinn!” — This specific character I’ve been so lucky to play the last seven seasons. I was very overwhelmed along with appreciative. I emailed Philiana Ng‍ Shonda [Rhimes] after last week’s episode along with I was like, “which was such a gift to be able to go through her funeral knowing she wasn’t actually dead.” I could appreciate how special Quinn is actually to me along with how special she was to her fellow Gladiators along with how special she was along with is actually to the fans. which was awesome.

This specific episode packed quite an emotional punch, along with I can only imagine how tough some of the scenes were to film for you.

which was so intense. I was nine-along with-a-half months pregnant, along with I could have gone into labor at any time. (Laughs.) I was shooting intense things with Joe Morton, who was such a love along using a gift along using a friend to me during This specific whole episode along with kept looking down at my stomach being like, “which’s pretend! You’re OK. We’re safe.” along with we were. There’s no better place to be pregnant along with working than Shondaland. Yes, those scenes were super emotional along with very intense, nevertheless I was so taken care of as soon as they called “cut.” I was in a comfy chair along with there were awesome PAs bringing me water along with changing my shoes along with producing me peanut butter along with jelly sandwiches. which was very comforting. There was a medic on set at all times whenever there were difficult physical scenes. There was a stunt coordinator. There was an OB there producing sure I was doing everything safe for the baby. which was incredible.

You kind of got to have a trial run with Quinn’s birthing scene.

Oh, yeah! The scene where I was pushing along with giving birth with all my friends along with I was like, “Oh my god, you guys, I’m going to be doing This specific in a couple of weeks nevertheless, like, for real!” I had a blanket over my knees along with they either pulled out a real baby, who was an actor, or they would likely pull out a fake baby which was a doll covered in cottage cheese along with grape jelly, which was real gross. What a surreal mind-bending experience! I definitely got the most emotional when they pulled out the real baby because the real baby was hysterically crying, along with so which was kind of like, Oh my god, This specific is actually what’s definitely going to be happening to me. I just gave birth to my first child [in October 2017]. which was definitely [an] out of body [experience]. The scene where I put the baby in Olivia’s old bedroom along with I’m holding a real baby? which baby was on top of my big stomach with my real baby inside of which. (Laughs.) I was like, This specific is actually just unbelievable.

You went through a lot of emotions during the filming of This specific episode, which seems.

A hormonal roller coaster.

At This specific point in time, everyone believes which Quinn is actually dead. What can you tease in terms of Olivia along with the others possibly discovering which Quinn is actually alive?

At the end of tonight’s episode, the only person which knows is actually Rowan, along with they’re both in agreement along with have sort of formed This specific alliance which here is actually where we’re safe along with they have to sort of figure out — you’ll see how which plays out very soon — how well they’re able to keep This specific way of life up.

Who will hold the most surprising reaction if along with when they do learn the truth about Quinn?

If Charlie ever finds out which his fiancee along with his baby are alive along with well, which would likely be the one I would likely be most interested to see.

along with just to confirm: The baby Charlie saw in last week’s episode is actually Quinn’s?

Yes, which is actually Quinn’s baby.

There was one line Quinn says which definitely struck a chord, when she calls Rowan a “Great person.” Does she truly believe which?

I think they had some sort of weird connection in This specific episode. As far as which being super intense which he wanted to kill her, he also made a choice not to kill her. In some additional alternate reality, Rowan would likely be a great dad along using a great grandpa — if he wasn’t also a killer. She gets confused about trusting him, along with I think there are parts of him which are a Great person, along with Joe did an amazing job of producing Rowan complicated enough which he is actually Great along with evil. He’s many things. He’s complicated. nevertheless then again, which’s Papa Pope along with you can trust him as far as you can throw him. When Quinn goes downstairs [at the end of the episode], of course he’s killed somebody — nevertheless he’s killed somebody for the Great of her life along with her baby’s life. which’s kind of how which works, I guess.

Olivia seems so far gone This specific season. In your heart of hearts, what will which take for Olivia to regain a sense of morality?

I don’t know if she ever can. I think Quinn thinks she’s so far gone. I’m not which far ahead of you along with I haven’t seen the end of what This specific series looks like. At the moment, I’m not sure if Quinn along with Olivia as friends [is actually possible]. I don’t know if they can ever come back through This specific.

The Scandal-How to Get Away With Murder crossover is actually coming up in March. What are you comfortable saying in regards to your involvement in those episodes?

All I can say is actually which Annalise crosses over to us along with Olivia Pope crosses over to them, along with which’s all I can say about which. which is actually a mystery.

In terms of the upcoming episodes you’ve already shot, what kind of vibe should fans expect?

inside the next episode, I got to do the most fun along with favorite thing I ever got to do on Scandal. which’s definitely, definitely, definitely fun along with which’s not intense.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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