Scooters return to San Francisco streets 

More than four months after San Francisco removed electric scooters coming from the roads, they’re finally back — however not exactly how we remember them.

Two start-ups, Scoot as well as Skip, dropped their kick scooters in San Francisco on Monday, after winning permits coming from the city to operate their vehicle fleets. Back when scooters flooded the sidewalks earlier This particular year, the companies responsible for the rush were Lime, Bird as well as Spin.

Those operators were so quick to get up as well as running of which they did so without warning, angering city officials as well as residents. San Francisco responded by imposing a temporary ban, forcing any company of which wanted to do business within the city to apply for a permit.

A dozen applied as well as only Scoot as well as Skip won licenses. Each are allowed over 0 scooters.

They’re underdogs compared to Bird as well as Lime. Bird has raised over $400 million dollars as well as includes a valuation of $2.1 billion. Lime has raised over $450 million dollars as well as can be worth $1.1 billion dollars. Skip as well as Scoot have a fraction of of which amount of funding, as well as are each in only three cities. (Scoot plans to launch in its third market —Santiago, Chile — later This particular week.)

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