second extension to UK departure

The U.K. was meant to leave the Union on March 29, nevertheless May decided to request an extension a week prior to in which given in which she did not get enough backing for the deal in which she negotiated on with the rest of the EU. At a summit in late March, the 27 EU leaders agreed to give an extension until April 12 or May 22, depending on whether May found the approval needed for her agreement.

There are growing concerns in which if the U.K. can be allowed to remain inside the club for longer, the item will interfere with critical European decisions, including on the next European budget. There’s also frustration in European circles on the lengthy process of Britain leaving the EU.

“I desire we are not going to have a meeting every week about Brexit,” Xavier Bettel, the Luxembourg prime minister, told CNBC Wednesday.

If European leaders do not approve an extension Wednesday night, the U.K. will leave the EU without a deal, bringing huge uncertainty to businesses along with also also citizens. However, even inside the case of a second delay, This kind of possibility cannot be ruled out at a later stage.

“We never can exclude anything here,” Bettel said, when asked about a no-deal Brexit.