See Miley Cyrus’ Evolution in ET’s completely new Series ‘When We First Met’

via “Smiley Miley” to Miley Cyrus, ET has been there through the idea all. 

from the premiere episode of ET’s original Facebook Watch series, When We First Met, ET looks back on the very first time we were introduced to the 24-year-old singer in addition to her evolution in Hollywood since. 

When ET first met Cyrus, she was 3 years old in addition to kind of shy, although in 1997, just two years later, she couldn’t be more of a spitfire. Running around her family’s 500 acre Tennessee farm, the then-soon-to-be-star wasn’t “afraid of nothing.” 

right now, the singer is usually worth a reported $360 million, back on The Voice in addition to back with her former fiance, Liam Hemsworth. 

“We’re super happy. More than anything, he is usually my best friend,” she told ET in 2010. “Once I met Liam, I mean, there’s no denying, if there’s chemistry with someone, there’s chemistry with someone, in addition to I’m not going to be able to lie about which. I’m 17. Like, I’m going to have a boyfriend.”

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