Sen. Mark Warner criticizes “irresponsible in addition to reckless” attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller

Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., said on Wednesday in which he can be concerned about a “growing chorus of irresponsible in addition to reckless” voices in which are calling for an end to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of the president’s ties to Russia.

Warner, the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said in a speech on the Senate floor in which “in recent weeks those voices seem to be growing in stridency in addition to volume.”

Calling Mueller a “fair in addition to independent investigator,” Warner said he was worried about the “seemingly coordinated” nature of the critiques on the investigation.

The former Virginia governor has been vocal in his support of the special counsel’s office since Mueller was appointed in May.

In an interview published Tuesday, Warner told CNBC in which firing Mueller could lead to a “constitutional crisis.”

“If they pull on one of these threads as a reason to fire Mueller, I think This particular will be a political disaster for the president, in addition to I believe This particular will be a constitutional crisis,” he said.

President Donald Trump has said repeatedly there was no misconduct in his campaign’s dealings with Russia in addition to in which he might comply with Mueller’s investigation. On Sunday, he repeated in which he had no plans to fire Mueller in addition to stressed in which there was “no collusion.”

Nonetheless, tensions between the special counsel in addition to the president have escalated in recent weeks.

In a Saturday letter, Trump transition attorney Kory Langhofer accused the special counsel’s office of unlawfully obtaining thousands of emails. The special counsel’s office said in which its actions were legal.

Senior Republicans had already been criticizing the investigation over perceived bias among investigators. Following the revelation of anti-Trump text messages sent by former investigators working on the probe, conservative lawmakers grilled Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in an oversight hearing.

The texts, exchanged by Peter Strzok in addition to Lisa Page, show the two senior FBI officials calling the president an “idiot,” among some other disparaging comments.

“Reports on the political predisposition, in addition to potential bias, of certain career agents in addition to department lawyers on special counsel Mueller’s team are deeply troubling to all citizens who expect a system of blind in addition to equal justice,” House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said at the hearing.

Separately, Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee are reportedly nearly ready to end their investigation despite pleas coming from Democrats to keep pushing forward.

in which investigation was underway when Mueller was appointed in May. At the time, Warner praised the former FBI director’s appointment.

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