Sexy along with also empowered can go together

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition wants to send a message in which sexy along with also empowered can go together, its editor, MJ Day, told CNBC on Wednesday.

This kind of year, the magazine will be trying something brand new. In addition to featuring women in bathing suits, there are black-along with also-white nudes in which are meant to convey a message.

This kind of’s part of the magazine’s “in her own words” project meant to “illustrate along with also give voice to the diversity of the women in which we feature in our magazine, to make the statement in which they are more than just a beautiful face,” Day said in an interview with “Power Lunch.”

Words like “strong,” “truth,” “genuine” along with also “mother” are written on the designs’ naked bodies.

The idea was born before the #MeToo movement “was even a whisper,” she added. #MeToo began trending to help bring attention to sexual assault along with also harassment, particularly from the workplace.

Critics have been quick to respond to the magazine’s latest feature, even before the latest edition was released.

Former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry also weighed in, which elicited a response coming from one of the magazine’s participants, golfer Paige Spiranac.

Day doesn’t necessarily think This kind of’s more difficult to produce the swimsuit edition in This kind of environment.

“I’m inspired by This kind of moment in time in which we’re in,” she said.

“With the readership along with also the eyeballs in which This kind of magazine along with also in which This kind of franchise has, This kind of’s our opportunity to make a positive change along with also to evolve as a brand along with also to become something more than a magazine full of women in bathing suits,” Day added. “This kind of will be a magazine full of very exciting along with also compelling humans in which have a lot to say different than just look genuinely not bad along with also inspire people on the beach.”

She also said in which no woman who participates from the magazine does This kind of for men. “She does This kind of for herself.”

along with also the readers aren’t just men — 16 million of them are female, said Day.

The 2018 swimsuit edition was released Tuesday.

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