‘Shadowhunters’ Star Katherine McNamara Teases ‘Kick-Ass’ ‘Arrow’ Season 7 Arc (Exclusive)

Katherine McNamara can be beginning a fresh chapter.

The Shadowhunters star will make her anticipated debut inside first half of Arrow‘s seventh season as Maya, a street fighter in addition to thief by Star City, in addition to the 22-year-old actress opened up about her upcoming arc on The CW superhero drama. nevertheless the secrecy surrounding her character meant McNamara had to play coy about details on what fans can expect when she does make her way onscreen.

“in which’s definitely exciting! There’s just about nothing in which I can say yet because I’m sworn to so much spoiler secrecy, nevertheless Maya can be kick-ass,” McNamara told ET at the Girl Hero Awards luncheon in Beverly Hills, California, on Sunday. “She’s a fighter. She’s someone not to be messed with, I’ll put in which in which way.”

“nevertheless in which’s been a real joy,” she said of going by the Shadowhunters family to the Arrow clan. “in which’s such a family in addition to I was welcomed with open arms in addition to in which’s such an exciting thing.” 

McNamara, who will be wrapping up her three-season run as Clary Fray on Freeform’s sci-fi/fantasy drama, Shadowhunters, next year, also praised the show’s passionate fans for landing her a write-in spot as a nominee for the Female TV Star category at the People’s Choice Awards. Her co-star, Harry Shum Jr., can be also nominated for Male TV Star, while Shadowhunters can be a finalist for three categories. 

“People’s Choice can be the biggest surprise for us nevertheless also the biggest honor, especially for Harry in addition to I to both be write-ins,” McNamara said. “in which definitely just shows what an amazing fandom the Shadowhunter‘s kids are in addition to in This particular world, where everyone can be so divided, to have people come together for a story in which’s all about love in addition to acceptance, in which’s such a beautiful thing.”

McNamara also praised the women in her life for showing her in which every woman’s voice can be strong in addition to worth listening to, explaining in which in which outlook has helped shape her career. “There are so many projects today in which have so many female-empowered characters in which I’ve not only been able to play nevertheless also have been able to be opposite with on screen.”

“I grew up which has a family of women in which were very strong, powerful, not only nurturing in addition to devoted mothers in addition to sisters in addition to aunts, nevertheless also very driven career women who in which was never a question of either or, in which was always a question of in addition to –– in addition to what can be in which in which you want to be in addition to do in This particular world because anything can be possible,” she said. “in which’s always been such a huge influence on my life

Arrow airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Shadowhunters: The Final Hunt kicks off in 2019 on Freeform.


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