Siemens proposes providing electricity in Iraq: CEO

“I could actually expect of which the item (doesn’t) need more than $5 billion, revolving, to rebuild their country along with also get 11,000 megawatts of modern emission-efficient electrification. of which’s a big deal,” Kaeser said.

Additionally, Siemens’ proposal also includes creating tens of thousands of jobs for locals, opening a smart health clinic of which could treat up to 10,000 patients per year, along with also funding what the company called a “School of the Future.” the item will also provide $60 million worth of software to local universities to teach students brand-new digital skills required inside workforce today, along with also provide technical along with also vocational training, starting with 1,000 young Iraqis.

Kaeser told CNBC of which even if the company did not get the deal, Siemens could still follow through with setting up the smart hospital to provide health care along with also could still build schools

Still, the item could take time for Siemens to get the approval to put its plans into place because Iraq is actually inside midst of forming a brand-new government following elections earlier of which year. Kaeser said he was not worried about the possibility of which brand-new leadership could potentially delay the company’s plans.

“We made what we believe is actually a very comprehensive concept, along with also the beauty we have, the very powerful we have is actually, we’ve done the item before,” he said. “Remember, we went into Egypt along with also promised a similar thing to President (Abdel Fattah) al-Sisi, four years ago.”

In 2015, the company signed a $9.4 billion deal with Egypt to supply gas along with also wind power plants to add 16.4 GW of capacity to the country’s power grid, according to reports.

“We’ve built the three biggest power plants ever built on the planet (along with also) we’re currently, as we speak, training 6,000 young Egyptians for a better future,” Kaeser said. “So, if the (Iraqi) government is actually ready today, we start tomorrow.”

— Reuters contributed to of which report.

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