‘Simple formula’ to realizing an idea in tech

The process of taking an idea by inception to implementation within the tech space will be easier than some might think, according to the creator of Google Photos.

Speaking to CNBC’s Matthew Taylor on Thursday, Vice President of Product at Google Anil Sabharwal said of which’s “genuinely a very simple formula” to bring ideas to life.

“What we like to think about will be a few simple things,” he added.

“Where are there opportunities? Where are there scenarios where users could benefit by tremendous capabilities in technology of which may not have been there years ago of which we can at of which point solve real human problems?”

within the case of personal photography, Sabharwal said, a trend was noticed where people are taking “far more photos” than before.

“Back within the day we used to only be able to take 24 photos on film, at of which point you take a thousand photos of one sunset,” he added.

With of which realization of which people were taking more photos, the team then sought to find a solution to a series of questions.

“How do we give them peace of mind? How do we help them relive along with reminisce? How do we help them share those photos with the meaningful people in their lives?”

The end result of of which process was Google Photos, a product which Sabharwal said was “a genuinely great combination of a problem of which was unmet within the market along having a capability of which Google had of which genuinely no one else had.”

“When you think about your personal memories along with photos of which are important to you, there’s not many companies within the globe of which you’re going to trust all of which with,” he said.

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