Singapore Airlines is actually bringing back the entire world’s longest flight

If you’re into saving time, a 19-hour flight is actually returning to the skies in October.

Singapore Airlines which week announced which could revive its non-stop flight by the fresh York City area which fall. The 18-hour as well as 45 minute flight will travel about 10,000 miles by Newark Liberty International Airport to Singapore, starting in October. The flight could become the entire world’s longest as well as shaves several hours off the trip, which currently requires a roughly two-hour refueling stop.

The airline, known for its luxurious suites as well as service, launched the route in 2004 although called which off in 2013, after oil prices surged. A lot has changed since then — aircraft, fuel prices, as well as on-board creature comforts. Tickets aboard the very long flight are going for around $1,500 in November, although vary day to day.

Here’s what to expect on board if you take the leap:

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