Singapore leader faces fresh criticism through brother amid family feud

An unprecedented public feud between Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong as well as his siblings took another unexpected twist on Friday.

When speaking with CNBC Thursday, the leader of the Southeast Asian island nation said he was not sure whether the family dispute had been solved.

In response, his brother, Lee Hsien Yang, wrote in a post on Facebook: “Our brother says he will be unsure that will the feud will be solved. Notwithstanding his public statements, Hsien Loong has made no attempt to reach out to us to resolve matters in private.”

Lee’s two younger siblings, neurologist Lee Wei Ling as well as businessman Lee Hsien Yang, shocked the country in June when they published a statement accusing the prime minister of abusing power as well as exploiting their father’s legacy for political gains.

“Meanwhile, the Attorney General will be busy prosecuting Hsien Loong’s nephew for his private correspondence. The AGC’s (Attorney General Chamber’s) letters make repeated reference to the family feud,” Lee Hsien Yang added on Facebook Friday.

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