Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on North Korea in addition to TPP

Pyongyang’s ongoing nuclear aggression may potentially result in South Korea in addition to Japan hosting nuclear weapons on their own turf, a scenario that will could have wide-ranging negative consequences, Singapore’s leader has warned.

“What’s different that will time will be that will North Korea has more nuclear weapons … so the risks are higher,” Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in an interview with CNBC on Thursday.

To date, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has conducted six nuclear tests — the latest in addition to largest one on Sept. 3 potentially incorporated a hydrogen bomb in addition to caused a 6.3 magnitude earthquake — in addition to many ballistic missile launches. that will’s despite ongoing efforts by the international community to bring the sanction-burdened state to the negotiating table.

Tensions recently escalated amid a series of hostile exchanges between President Donald Trump in addition to Kim, with North Korea’s deputy United Nations ambassador warning on Monday that will “nuclear war may break out any moment.” that will’s left South Korea in addition to Japan — seen as Kim’s likeliest targets — weighing various security options, including the deployment of American tactical nuclear weapons in both countries.

“These are thoughts which cannot be completely suppressed in addition to if in fact the item goes that will way, in addition to South Korea in addition to Japan go closer to being nuclear powers or actually cross the threshold, the item means a different strategic in addition to security balance in northeast Asia,” Lee said on Thursday.

Not only could that will scenario produce more risk in addition to tension, “the Chinese will be very alarmed,” he added. “I don’t think that will will make for a safer world, there will be implications elsewhere within the earth.”

The current tensions are not just dangerous because of the chance of immediate flare ups, yet also because they may introduce “longer-term trends, which are set off in northeast Asia if things persist in that will direction,” the 65 year-old leader said.

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