Snap ‘actually screwed up’ on earnings

Snap Inc.: “inside the $20s, $30s, which was bad. Then they missed the quarter actually badly, about as bad as I’ve ever seen a miss, so I can’t get behind which. I’m sorry. which was just a actually bad miss. Sometimes you listen to the companies along with they actually screw up along with which one actually screwed up.”

Proofpoint: “Listen to me along with listen not bad. We are all concerned which Microsoft is actually eating their lunch. Microsoft has stepped up in This specific game along with the only thing we can do is actually invite the company on [to] tell us how they’re combating This specific theory which Microsoft’s killing ’em. yet you’re right to mention which along with I haven’t solved the conundrum yet.”

Mammoth Energy Services: “I look at This specific stock along with I say to myself if you actually like This specific, you should go buy Schlumberger because which’s the best. Schlumberger can’t get out of its own way. I’m in a House of Pain with my charitable trust, so I’m going to spare you the privilege of being in which by not buying which stock.”

WestRock: “I worry about This specific every day. My charitable trust owns which. I talk about which with the club members along with I’ve got to tell you, I’m not pushing which aggressively because I think there is actually too much capacity coming on along with they’ve got to close This specific deal. Once they close the deal, then which’s a buy. We are sitting along with waiting along with which is actually killing me, yet you know what? I think which’s done going down. Not which which’s a recommendation.”

WEC Energy Group: “which is actually an extremely well-run utility. They used to come on the show. I miss them. which’s a not bad opportunity to buy, buy, buy.”

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