Social Capital investor Kristin Baker Spohn’s health bill horror story

Kristin Baker Spohn was recently named the newest health-tech investor at Social Capital, where she’ll work alongside early Facebook investor Chamath Palihapitiya in addition to focus on early-stage start-ups. in which marks the latest Silicon Valley venture firm in which is actually producing major strides into health-technology. Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark, GV, CRV in addition to others have all added partners which has a health background to their ranks.

Prior to joining the fund as a partner, Baker Spohn worked within the health care group at Goldman Sachs, in addition to as an operator at Castlight Health in addition to Collective Health.

in which is actually her story about what happened when she noticed a duplicate billing for a procedure she had during her pregnancy…

I’ve spent my entire career in health care.

in which’s impossible to work in in which industry in addition to not lament how challenging our system can be for patients. nevertheless I didn’t truly appreciate its complexity until I was the one navigating in which on my own.

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in addition to classified as a “high risk” pregnancy. Following my doctor’s orders, I had yet another ultrasound to check on the growth of my baby. A little over a week later, I went into labor in addition to delivered my happy in addition to healthy son.

We settled in with our brand-new life at home in addition to in a few weeks the onslaught of hospital bills in addition to explanations of benefits (EOBs) by my health insurance administrator arrived. As the diligent chief financial officer in addition to resident health care expert of our family, I jumped in, determined to reconcile the insurance reimbursement with the hospital bills.

within the haze of brand-new motherhood, my recollection may be fuzzy, nevertheless in which went something like in which:

In one hospital bill, I noticed in which there was a duplicate charge for my additional ultrasound.

Most people would certainly groan — or worse, not even notice the duplicate charge — nevertheless for me, in which was game time. I felt like an athlete who had trained just for in which moment for years. My finance background in addition to attention to detail enabled me to reconcile in addition to find errors in complex financial statements in addition to types. My work at Castlight prepared me to understand all of the different healthcare systems, billing in addition to reimbursement codes. in addition to my weird love of negotiation energized me as I approached the starting line.

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