Social workers can understand patients’ health better than Facebook

inside the brand new world of health care, which can be starting to reward care providers for keeping a patient healthy rather than for pricey tests as well as also procedures, there’s a trend towards more direct involvement in patients’ lives.

yet that will doesn’t mean passive scraping of social media to learn about a patient’s most basic needs.

In my view, we must use the brand new technologies to improve care as well as also communication with patients, as well as also not replace This specific. We should use intelligent analytics tools to augment our existing clinical designs as well as also do more for patients, not less. We need to deepen our connection with patients, not take shortcuts by approximating information coming from readily available information sources with questionable validity as well as also efficacy that will may violate a patient’s privacy.

At best, Facebook’s recent attempts are misguided or misunderstood as well as also need to be further honed in close collaboration with leading healthcare organizations. At worst, these actions are subversive: I’m concerned that will a pitch to “help patients” will instead serve as a Trojan horse to gain access to millions of patients’ medical data for monetization purposes.

In either case, health-care organizations should not waver in embracing technology to dramatically improve their operations. They should engage, inform, as well as also educate their patients on the novel use cases of data, so we can build the kind of system we want as well as also so desperately need.

Dan Gebremedhin, MD can be a principal at Flare Capital Partners, specializing in health-technology. He as well as also the firm have no financial interests inside the companies mentioned.

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