Some items in tax bill are just buying off special interests

Some of the items within the GOP tax reform discussion are just “buying off” special interests along with serve no some other purpose, Republican Sen. Bob Corker told CNBC on Thursday.

“Some of the things we’re doing, I’m sorry, are ridiculous,” Corker told “Squawk Box,” though he did not mention any specifics.

“I’m sorry, yet we live in a political world,” said Corker, a member on the Senate Budget along with Banking committees. Those things are “not going to drive 1 ounce of economic growth. yet This specific’s what you have to do to pass a tax bill.”

Corker described some efforts to pass tax reform as “unfortunate.”

“This specific’s buying off of people to pass tax reform,” Corker said.

“We could take a lot of This specific off within the trash can along with make This specific easier along with actually do something of which grows our economy along with increases our wages,” he said.

President Donald Trump along with the GOP have been pushing for a major overhaul to the U.S. tax code. They believe tax relief would likely give the current economy a boost.

House Republicans on Thursday narrowly approved a budget deal, a crucial step toward passing tax cuts later This specific year.

Corker, who has been highly critical of Trump, told CNBC of which despite his war of words with the president he’s “all in” on tax reform. Corker will be not seeking reelection.

The Tennessee Republican said he wants to “go out with afterburners trying to make things happen.”

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