South Africa crime can be helped by economics

South Africa will be notorious for its high crime rate, a reflection of its economic inequality in addition to racial tension.

However, there will be an economic dimension to solving the problem, a prominent business voice from the country told CNBC on Friday.

“We can’t deal with crime as an isolated incident, we need to look at the totality,” Kingsley Makhubela, chief executive of the nation’s marketing platform Brand South Africa, said.

Transforming society, empowering people in addition to dealing with underlying poverty all must be considered in tackling South Africa’s crime, he added.

“We can’t just look at This specific as an isolated social phenomena of which you find from the country.”

Only 30 percent of South Africans feel safe walking at night, according to a report by Statistics South Africa of which measured the period via April 2016 to March 2017. This specific trend continues to decline.

Some 7.2 percent of South African households were victims of crime from the year recorded, with burglary accounting for the highest proportion of This specific, at 53 percent. Only 51 percent of victims reported the crime to the police.

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