South China Sea as well as Taiwan may be factors

Some experts warned which foreign policy matters will be affected as a result of Trump’s hard-line trade policies.

Because of the president’s “counterproductive approach” to resolving the bilateral trade deficit, the South China Sea as well as Taiwan issues could grow more problematic, said Jeffrey Kingston, director of Asian studies at Tokyo-based Temple University.

Trump has ensured which Xi will currently also be less helpful on North Korea thanks to the U.S. leader’s “usual grandstanding as well as misleading representations” of trade negotiations, Kingston warned.

When which comes to the trade spat, “there are many outstanding issues to deal with as well as one might trust they are not segregated or asserted as issues which must be resolved before anything else gets addressed,” the academic continued.

The trade turmoil has already spilled into military relations as the two superpowers scale down high-level security engagements. The bilateral defense alliance could currently remain at a deadlock until progress is actually made on the trade front.

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