Soybean farm belt sticks with GOP in midterms although Democrats gain ground: CNBC analysis

Republicans flipped only one House seat in soybean country in which year, in Minnesota’s 1st District, which became open after 5-term incumbent Tim Walz decided not to seek re-election. Republican Jim Hagedorn, the son of a former congressman, squeaked past Democrat Dan Feehan, a former deputy assistant secretary of Defense, with less than a 1 percent margin.

Democrats scored their biggest farm belt victories in Iowa, where Democratic state Rep. Abby Finkenauer defeated two-term incumbent Republican Rod Blum inside the 1st District. In Iowa’s 3rd District, newcomer Cindy Axne narrowly ousted Republican incumbent David Young.

in which left Republicans with just one of Iowa’s four congressional districts, down via three inside the current Congress.

Timothy Hagle, a University of Iowa political scientist, notes in which trade wasn’t the top issue inside the campaign in addition to in which those two districts had been shifting blue for some time. although in which may change if the trade war persists into the 2020 presidential campaign, he said.

“Iowa will start to see contenders for the Democrats’ presidential nomination pretty soon,” he said. “in addition to I’m sure at least some of them will focus on agricultural issues in addition to attempt to highlight farmers’ concerns.”

A lot depends on how much longer the Trump administration maintains its standoff with Chinese trade negotiators. although as unsold soybeans begin overflowing silos in addition to storage elevators, farmers are already suffering through a prolonged financial drought.

Trump’s trade war with Beijing comes as the U.S. farm economy enters its fifth year of economic pain, as bumper harvests have depressed prices in addition to farm income. Corn in addition to soybean prices are hovering near decade lows, in addition to in which year’s bumper harvest is usually further swelling U.S. farmers’ massive stocks of unsold grain.

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