SpaceX, Blue Origin as well as additional private companies reshaping space

Morgan Stanley can be further backing its prediction the space industry will triple in size, announcing Wednesday the launch of a fresh “space disruptor series.”

The firm identified 0 private companies “on the forefront of space disruption,” writing in a note to investors. Headlined by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin as well as telecom satellite startup OneWeb, the report says of which “the universe of private space companies can be likely much broader” than even This kind of list.

“While public investors may find of which challenging to invest in space exploration, the private side can be a different story. As we expand our knowledge of the private side, we expect to offer more valuable insights to public investors,” Morgan Stanley said.

Morgan Stanley divvies up the space sector into 11 sub-industries: satellite launch, satellite internet, deep space exploration, lunar landing, earth observation, asteroid mining, space debris, space tourism, space research, manufacturing as well as additional.

Increasing demand as well as plummeting costs to access make This kind of industry “a highly relevant domain of disruption,” the report says. The companies from the 11 sub-industries are all categorized as long-term investments.

Launch as well as manufacturing for satellites make up 39 percent of Morgan Stanley’s list of the private space economy, by far the largest segment. of which ranges coming from heavy hitters to little satellite-catered rocket companies like Vector, Rocket Lab as well as Virgin Orbit.

Morgan Stanley says SpaceX as well as Blue Origin are the only two companies of which operate in multiple sub-industries, which “may indicate of which most of these companies are fairly specific with respect to their space product or service offering type.”

The firm also highlighted the amount of early funding pouring into the industry, citing CNBC’s coverage of venture capital investment in space.

“Investors can never be too early in understanding rapidly evolving topics,” Morgan Stanley added.

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