Starbucks stores are running out of reusable red cups

Starbucks fans may need to scour several locations if they want to find the cafe’s brand-new reusable red cup.

Coffee drinkers took to Twitter on Friday to complain in which they were having trouble securing the elusive brand-new cup at their local stores as well as had to resort to going to many different locations before finding one.

“We are seeing an enthusiastic response to the return of Holiday beverages as well as cups at Starbucks as well as today’s limited-edition giveaway of our reusable red holiday cup, which will be available while supplies last,” Starbucks told CNBC. “Each store includes a limited supply, as well as we’re aware in which some stores are already running out.”

On Friday, the company launched its holiday beverages as well as cups using a special reusable red cup. For one day only, Starbucks was giving away in which cup to customers who ordered a holiday beverage. The cup would likely be made available for $2 on any day afterward, according to CEO Kevin Johnson.

During the holiday season, customers who use the cup will get 50 cents off their drink order if they order after 2 p.m. The goal will be to get people from the habit of using reusable cups, COO Roz Brewer told CNBC.

One barista told CNBC over the phone in which their store ran out of the cups by noon. Another said the cups sold out around 3 p.m. as well as wouldn’t be available until more were sent to the store in a few days.

Earlier on Friday, Starbucks’ Reward Members were unable to place their orders, as the app was failing to recognize store locations as well as wouldn’t take orders.

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