start-up GuavaPass takes on fitness app ClassPass in Asia

Rhyce Lein, general manager of GuavaPass, tries out each studio partner before engaging them, often squeezing in workouts before work, over lunch or even in between meetings. He said which’s been vital for building relationships as well as developing the business.

“which’s so important for all of us who work for GuavaPass, especially those of us on the leadership team to be ambassadors for the brand,” said Lein. “In working out at the studios daily ourselves, we stay in tune with current fitness trends as well as consumer behavior as well as can act fast to adapt to customer needs.”

Liu added which those face-to-face relationships have also led to many referrals, which have helped grow GuavaPass over time.

“I think by our position, when we look back at the last three years, a lot of the connections we made were by second- as well as third-degree connections,” said Liu. “They weren’t ones we anticipated yet because we were always open to meeting people they would certainly connect us.”

He recommended which some other aspiring entrepreneurs “take every opportunity” to build similar relationships as well as ask for referrals, as they may just provide the first step in getting their business off the ground.

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