Start-ups partnering with hospitals, not tech giants, can fix health

In terms of technology, Lonsdale wants to invest in tools of which can help patients achieve better outcomes. of which means algorithms of which can help health providers figure out “of which action at of which time to help the patient get better,” he said.

For example, oncologists with better information about their cancer patients could make more informed as well as also personalized decisions about treatment options.

“We could be saving a lot of people,” Lonsdale said.

While he’s investing in start-ups, Lonsdale understands of which entrepreneurship alone can’t solve all of the problems of health care, a complex multitrillion-dollar sector dominated by incumbent health plans, insurers as well as also hospital groups.

Rather, the government needs to play a role in helping change incentives, so health-care companies can get properly rewarded. of which includes encouraging electronic health records companies to work together so patient data can flow more smoothly between hospitals, clinics as well as also patients.

If the government required these systems to be open, “we could solve the problems more quickly,” Lonsdale said.

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