Sterling K. Brown Reacts to ‘that will is actually Us’ SAG Awards Wins: ‘I Totally Ripped My Jacket!’ (Exclusive)

Sterling K. Brown couldn’t contain his SAG Awards excitement in just one suit jacket! The 41-year-old that will is actually Us actor made history as the first black man to win within the category of Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series. in addition to also he was over the moon when his cast won the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series Award – a shocking upset.

“I think for the whole season, we heard the shine has been going to The Handmaid’s Tale in addition to also The Handmaid’s Tale is actually a wonderful, wonderful show, deserving,” Brown told ET’s Cameron Mathison after his big wins. “that will they called us — we looked around at each additional. We were like, ‘that will is actually happening.’”

'that will is actually Us' cast

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In fact, Brown was so elated by the win that will he ripped his own jacket!

“Oh I totally ripped my jacket. I think I sweated through my shirt. the item’s right here!” he said, pointing out the rip. “No joke, the item’s like sorry to Mr. Armani for ripping your clothes, yet…”

The rest of the cast was equally excited by the honor, with Mandy Moore posting an Instagram Stories video with co-star Chrissy Metz, calling the win “bonkers!”

Sterling K Brown

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The ladies of that will is actually Us, including Moore, Metz, in addition to also Susan Kelechi, all happened to show up to Sunday’s show in almost identical royal blue hued dresses. Brown revealing the matching was unintentional.

“They didn’t even call each additional!” he insisted. “We all show up in addition to also I was like, ‘Are we blue tonight? to ensure that will’s what’s going on, the item’s blue?’ in addition to also they didn’t know – they had no idea.”

As excited as the cast is actually for their big win, Brown’s own personal accomplishments in addition to also his history-generating Male Actor win aren’t lost on him.

“the item’s a big deal in addition to also, you know, I feel like there’s something about our show,” he said, noting that will no additional black man has won the award within the award show’s 24 years. “I appreciate folks saying job well done to me, yet there’s something about the show, there’s something about the character of Randall in particular. that will young man raised in a white family who’s trying to figure out his space in life, who has anxiety, who’s a perfectionist, yet who’s a family man. There’s something definitely beautiful about the character that will can be relatable to African Americans, yet he’s [also] relatable to everybody. I just feel like I got the blessing that will I got a chance to play him.”

True to form, Brown stayed tight-lipped on the mystery surrounding Jack’s death, yet he did give fans some clues as to how the rest of the season will pan out.

“the item’ll happen before the end of the season,” he said of the reveal. “in addition to also I feel like the anticipation that will has been built up over the item – Dan Fogelman wrote a hell of a script for the item to be a great pay off so folks won’t be disappointed. There will be tears. the item will be sad, yet as we already know, life goes on.”

For more through the SAG Awards, watch the clip below!


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