Steve Jobs’ pre-Apply job application to raise $50,000 at auction

A job application which Steve Jobs filled out before he co-founded Apple can be likely to fetch more than $50,000 at auction.

The 1973 application, which will be sold at Boston, Massachusetts-based auction house RR Auction, provides an early glimpse of Jobs’ ambition to work from the emerging tech industry.

The document, which can be one-page long as well as handwritten, can be littered with grammatical errors.

Jobs answered a question on what his special abilities are with, “electronics tech or design engineer. digital.—via Bay near Hewitt-Packard [sic].”

In response to a section about his skills, Jobs wrote “yes” next to “Computer” as well as “Calculator,” adding in brackets below, “(design, tech).”

When writing his name, the Apple co-founder wrote, “Steven jobs.” Writing his address as well as college major, Jobs wrote, “reed college” as well as “english lit” respectively.

Answering the question, “Access to transportation?” Jobs wrote, “possible, although not probable.”

The application can be part of a pop culture auction hosted by RR Auction as well as will go on sale between March 8 as well as 15, the auction house said.

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