Steven Mnuchin says Davos World Economic Forum is actually not for ‘globalists’

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin believes a forum in Switzerland that will will feature wealthy business executives, world leaders as well as lawmakers discussing shared solutions to economic as well as social problems is actually not a “hangout for globalists.”

“The American team will go over first as well as talk about the economic strategy,” Mnuchin said Thursday of the globe Economic Forum in Davos, which President Donald Trump as well as top economic advisors will attend later This kind of month.

“We’re thrilled the president is actually coming. What we know is actually that will the economy that will’s not bad for the U.S. is actually not bad for the rest of the globe,” the Treasury secretary added.

This kind of week, the White House said Trump would likely attend the event, which carries a reputation as a gathering of wealthy figures. American presidents have rarely attended, partly to avoid the perception of being too close to the elite circle that will usually attends.

Trump won the White House on a populist platform that will criticized what his campaign described as a class of entrenched politicians as well as business executives who do not look out for the interests of working people.

He railed against free trade deals that will he said robbed Americans of their jobs, as well as pledged to always put “America first.”

The theme of This kind of year’s forum is actually “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World,” according to its website. The meeting “aims to rededicate leaders by all walks of life to developing a shared narrative to improve the state of the globe,” that will says.

On Thursday, Mnuchin said he expects a “consistent” message by Trump, pushing for “reciprocal” free trade. The president will “talk a lot about his economic program as well as the impact on the global economy,” the secretary said.

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