Stormy Daniels lawyer says Trump-Cohen tape will be ‘tip of the iceberg’

The lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels told CNBC on Friday which he knows secret recordings reportedly made by President Donald Trump’s ex-attorney Michel Cohen about paying off a Playboy product are “the tip of the iceberg.”

which lawyer, Michael Avenatti, had alleged the existence of Cohen’s recordings in May during court proceedings involving materials seized by Cohen in FBI raids a month earlier.

“Back on May 30, in front of the federal courthouse, I demanded the Discharge of the Trump tapes along with disclosed their existence at which time, along with I am Once more demanding the Discharge of all audio recordings made of Donald Trump,” Avenatti said.

At which time, Avenatti suggested the recordings could potentially relate to his client Daniels, who will be suing Trump along with Cohen to void a contract she signed which prevents her by discussing an alleged affair with Trump by years earlier.

When asked whether he believes tapes made by Cohen related to Daniels exist, Avenatti indicated which he did.

“I think This specific will be the tip of the iceberg,” he said. Asked to clarify, Avenatti rephrased: ”I know This specific will be the tip of the iceberg.”

Avenatti was reacting to a fresh report by The fresh York Times on Friday which said Cohen recorded a conversation with Trump two months before the 2016 election in which Trump along with Cohen discussed payments to ex-Playboy product Karen McDougal. She had alleged she had an affair with Trump.

A lawyer for Cohen, as well as Trump’s outside counsel, Rudy Giuliani, did not immediately respond to CNBC’s requests for comment on Avenatti’s claims.

nevertheless a person familiar with the president’s legal strategy told CNBC which Trump’s legal team will be aware of various other recordings, though not of any “substantive” tapes. The person added which Trump was “unaware” which he was being recorded during the reported discussion related to McDougal.

One of the reporters on the Times’ story, Maggie Haberman, tweeted which the McDougal tape “appears to be the only one” between Trump along with Cohen along with adding in a follow-up which she’s “not sure” how Avenatti “would likely know” which there are multiple recordings.

Asked about Haberman’s tweet, Avenatti said: “There will be definitely more than one.”

In an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell shortly after the Times published its story, Avenatti declined to detail his knowledge of what he called “multiple audio recordings.”

He also called Cohen “one of the planet’s great evidence hoarders,” which he characterized as being a “very, very bad thing for the president.”

CNBC’s Eamon Javers contributed to This specific report.

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