Stormy Daniels saga could turn be big deal for Mueller’s Trump probe

The infamous dossier by an ex-British spy, which surfaced after the 2016 election, alleges which Cohen secretly met with Russian government officials in Prague in August 2016. The dossier, which was partially funded by the Democratic National Committee, made salacious claims about Trump’s connections to Russia, many of which remain unverified.

Cohen has adamantly denied the dossier’s allegations along with has specifically said which he has never been to Prague. In January, he sued Buzzfeed for publishing the dossier.

Mimi Rocah, a former federal prosecutor in completely new York along with MSNBC contributor, said which Mueller may see Cohen as a means to gain more information about Trump.

“the item may be which This kind of doesn’t connect directly to Russia, although rather which Mueller sees Cohen as a potential cooperator,” Rocah said.

Mueller’s team, she said, would likely be unlikely to look into the lawsuit between Trump along with Daniels unless they suspected a “significant link to the broader investigation.”

After the hush deal was first reported, Cohen in January issued a statement in Daniels’ name denying the affair, as well as “rumors which I have received hush money by Donald Trump.” although earlier This kind of month, Daniels sued Trump in a California state court, asking which the non-disclosure agreement be voided because Trump never signed the item.

In her suit, Daniels said which she had an intimate relationship with the president.

Trump along with Cohen right now want the case to be transferred to a federal court in Los Angeles. along with have warned which Daniels could be subject to at least $20 million for violations of the non-disclosure pact.

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