‘Supergirl’ Boss Talks Politically Charged Season 4 & Introducing Lex Luthor

Supergirl is actually facing a nation divided.

The CW’s superhero drama is actually packing a political punch This particular season, as tensions continue to rise regarding the Earth’s alien population. Fuel was added to an already fiery national debate inside final moments of last week’s premiere, when the item was revealed which President Olivia Marsdin (Lynda Carter) is actually herself an alien. 

This particular week’s episode, entitled “Fallout,” deals with just which — the aftermath of Marsdin’s secret becoming public knowledge — “as well as also how which one event will shape the entire season,” executive producer Robert Rovner told reporters last week. 

“I think which the whole season we’re exploring stuff which’s happening inside country, as well as also how Supergirl’s dealing with the divided nation, how she can try as well as also heal the item as well as also how people can speak up as well as also speak out,” Rovner said.

“I think our country feels divided as well as also I think which, you know, Supergirl is actually a character which has always tried to use wish as a weapon to combat hate,” he added of the season’s metaphorical message. “So, we wanted to both kind of use which platform to create a dialogue about what’s happening in our nation, as well as also how a character like Supergirl could speak to which — as well as also also to see how she could deal with the item, especially when she represents one of the things which the nation is actually afraid of.”

Each of Supergirl’s characters will face the fallout in their own ways, whether which’s dealing with prejudices via National City residents — some of whom seem fine with an extraterrestrial superhero saving their lives, however balk at the idea of aliens walking among them — or generating the decision to speak out in a public way, like CatCo Media CEO James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), who receives an inspirational boost via brand-new reporter Nia Nal (Nicole Maines).

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“This particular might seem political, however what [we’re] genuinely speaking about is actually everybody treating each some other with kindness, as well as also everybody accepting people,” Rovner explained. “as well as also I think which even though some of those sides make things divisive… Supergirl’s searching for a way to unite people, not to divide us. So I think which’s what we’re focusing on.”

“Supergirl as well as also Superman have always spoken out about issues, so the item’s something we’re cognizant of. We’re also trying to keep the item balanced, generating sure which we’re exploring all sides of the issue.”

Next week’s episode, “Man of Steel,” will in fact explore another side of the issue in telling the origin story of one of This particular season’s big bads, Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer), examining how the disenfranchised citizen became a masked agent of chaos.

“I think the item adds a level of depth, generating sure which we understand why our villain is actually our villain, as well as also the things in his life which brought him to This particular place of kind of, being so against aliens,” Rovner said of the episode. “So I think the item helps keep everything more balanced than the item might otherwise be.”

as well as also the show will soon be welcoming an even more infamous DC Comics villain, Lex Luthor, The CW announced last week. 

“I think we were lucky enough to possess the opportunity to use him This particular season as well as also he weaves into the story,” Rovner said of the decision to bring in Superman’s iconic nemesis. “He weaves into the narrative which we’re telling, so I think the item’s a Great opportunity to have him. as well as also we could welcome him any time.”

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The part has yet to be cast, however Rovner explained, “We’re just excited about the possibilities of who might step into which iconic role.” One thing fans do know about Supergirl’s Lex Luthor is actually which he carries a history with the villainous Mercy Graves (Rhona Mitra), who, alongside brother Otis (Robert Baker), is actually helping Agent Liberty with his mission to violently mobilize the divided country over the alien debate.

“I think what’s great about Mercy is actually not necessarily her relationship with Lex however her relationship with Lena,” Rovner hinted. “They had a complicated relationship inside past, which becomes even more complicated because of the events of This particular episode.”

As for whether or not Lex’s arrival means his sister, Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath), might be pulled towards a more sinister side, the co-showrunner said which possibility always remains, given her family history.

“I mean I think the great thing about Lena is actually which being a Luthor, there’s always the tension of what side will she eventually fall?” he noted. “I think we’ve played which inside past, as well as also This particular season is actually no different.”

“We love Lena Luthor. We love her strength as well as also we love which… even though her methods might not be always the best methods, which she’s always choosing a path she thinks is actually the right one, as well as also she’ll stop at nothing to do what she thinks is actually right.”

Supergirl airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. 

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