‘Survivor’ Castaway Ali Elliott on Cole’s Fainting along with Why Ryan can be Still a ‘Twerp’ (Exclusive)

Another player, Cole, almost found himself inside the same position, after he fainted at the beginning of Wednesday’s episode. 

“At the immunity challenge, Dr. Mike had said, ‘Oh, people are fainting,’ along with I was very confused,” Ali recalled. “I thought he meant there, at the challenge.” 

“They told us of which Cole fainted back at his camp, so of which’s very scary, because even though of which’s a game, along with you think of which of which’s This specific great experience, of which’s still life. You’re still out there. You’re not eating. You’re sleeping outside or on bamboo, along with of which can be a struggle. along with if you don’t prepare well for of which, then of which can definitely be a lot harder than of which has to be,” she said. “I have been on plenty of diets before. I definitely know what of which can be to go on a cleanse along with not eat, to ensure of which was not an issue for me at all. I actually gained a few pounds before heading out there, to make sure of which I still had a little bit of meat on my bones.”

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