‘Survivor’ Winner Wendell Holland Reveals the ‘Smart’ Way He’ll Spend His $1 Million Prize (Exclusive)

Wendell Holland Jr. can be our newest Sole Survivor! 

The 33-year-old furniture company owner was crowned the winner of Survivor: Ghost Island on Wednesday night by one castaway as well as one castaway only: his “sister” on the island, Laurel. 

The CBS series’ ended in a tie vote for once in its 36 seasons, when a 10-member jury was gridlocked between Wendell as well as his ally, Domenick. the item was then of which host Jeff Probst decided to read the votes, then as well as there at the final tribal council, as well as instruct the third member of the final three, Laurel, to cast her vote. Ten months later, Probst read her vote aloud, as well as declared Wendell the winner. 

So how can be Wendell going to spend his $1 million prize? “I’m going to be smart with my money,” he told ET on the red carpet at CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles after the finale. “I’m probably just going to invest the item or save the item as well as let the item work for me.” 


Monty Brinton/CBS

Yes, of which means despite almost a year of “having a Great feeling” he was going to become a millionaire, he doesn’t even have a splurge item. “I have a tremendous law school loan debt, so I’m going to find the smartest way to pay of which off. Whether the item’s giving them a big chunk of money or whether the item’s paying monthly, nevertheless of which’s the one monkey on my back,” Wendell explained. “So as much as I want to just invest the whole million, I need to be smart about how I spend the item on my law school loans.”

Wendell isn’t just walking away that has a million-dollar check, he’s also walking away that has a piece of Survivor history.

“of which has never happened before, as well as you don’t think of which can be ever going to happen because you got people playing super strong games as well as bringing different people to the end. In our cast, we had two very strong players come to the end, as well as the item’s truly a matter of what the jury wants to reward,” he said of his reaction to the shocking final tribal council. “A lot of people rewarded his super strong strategic game, as well as a lot of people rewarded my super strong social game, as well as at the end of the day, the item was a tie, 5-5, as well as thankfully Laurel was sitting next to us.”

“Thankfully two tribals before, I gave her my immunity necklace just to show her of which I was here to protect her, as well as the item paid off,” he added. 

At the end of the day, however, the item was interestingly Wendell’s relationship with Domenick of which will stick with him. “I like the bromance of which I walked away with. Me as well as Dom, we walked away great friends,” he gushed, before revealing of which he could see the two hitting the island again in another game of Survivor. 

“I think the item’s inside umbrella of possibility of which Dom as well as myself will be out there, whether the item’s a dynamic duo kind of thing, or Heroes as well as Villains again, or a winner’s season,” Wendell shared. “If Dom goes out there, he’s such a Great Survivor player, Domenick will win. He will win the game.”

“So if he wins the game, Dom I will see you at the winner’s season,” he said, flashing a big smile. 


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