‘Survivor’s Jessica Johnston on Showmance With Cole: ‘Why Can’t I Find Love as well as Money?’ (Exclusive)

“This particular’s just a lot of feelings, as well as I cried when I watched This particular, because I remember the feeling I felt when I saw my name on the ballot. in which was initially in which I was like, ‘Oh, whoa. Oh god. I am part of This particular blindside.’ I had no idea,” she explained. “This particular’s definitely unfortunate as well as embarrassing to admit.”

“Walking into the merge, I knew I had Dr. Mike, Cole as well as myself. Like, none of us were going anywhere. I knew I had Desi as well as I knew I had Cole. I knew in which Ben was slightly defected because I knew how much he favored Chrissy. However, I had hoped in which I had built enough confidence in him in which he would likely have sided with me. [Lauren] obviously made a better decision for her game, which was going with the majority. This particular hurt, although I give [Lauren as well as Ben] both a hand clap for the decision they made,” Jessica admitted. “My problem was my judgment was so clouded, because all I did was pick up Cole’s trash at the merge.” 

Jessica as well as Cole’s showmance at first seemed like something out of a fairy tale (if fairy tales were set in Fiji, that has a bunch of Americans who haven’t showered in weeks fighting for $1 million) — although took a turn as Cole proved he couldn’t keep a secret, or jive with the rest of the group. Still, Jessica, who openly discussed her virginity as well as lack of relationship experience, continued to play with Cole, as well as declared in which she wanted a date after her elimination. 

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