‘Survivor’s Morgan Ricke Says This kind of Castaway is usually the Next Boston Rob (Exclusive)

The Survivor gods chose Morgan Ricke. 

The 29-year-old was blindsided on Wednesday’s episode of Survivor: Ghost Island, after an early tribe swap, a rock draw along which has a backstab by a “cute blonde.” nevertheless Morgan isn’t too upset about the idea. 

“What can I say?” she said to ET over the phone on Thursday, after watching her elimination the day before. “My fate was from the hands of the Survivor gods, nevertheless the idea was a great blindside.” 

“I give huge props to Libby. She had a genuinely hard decision to make,” Morgan shared of her supposed completely new pal, who ended up voting her out. “Obviously I threw some shade at her from the end, nevertheless there’s no hard feelings there.”

Shade puts the idea mildly.”Don’t trust the cute blonde,” Morgan hissed to the tribe as her last words before heading off to Ponderosa — which, according to the castaway, will cause a little trouble in next week’s episode. 



“I was genuinely proud of of which comment, because I don’t remember getting up, or Jeff [Probst] snuffing my torch or any of of which, nevertheless I do remember looking at [Libby] along with saying of which comment. I was like, ‘of which was not bad!'” she said which has a laugh. “nevertheless the funny thing is usually, because of my accent, they’re not sure if I said ‘two,’ as in Angela along with Libby, or ‘cute.'” 

“Apparently the idea stirs up some drama when they get back to the island, because Angela thinks I was throwing shade at her, along with Libby knows I was throwing shade at her,” Morgan revealed. “I said cute, not two. nevertheless Angela, you’re so clueless, you don’t even know what’s happening.” 

Morgan also has some choice words for Jacob, whom she jokingly blames for cursing the already cursed Legacy Advantage he willed to her before he was voted out last week. After her own elimination, Morgan willed the advantage to Domenick — because “I kind of looked at him like my Boston Rob,” she admitted, likening Domenick to the iconic Survivor player, who appeared on four seasons of the show along with won Survivor: Redemption Island. 

“I was Amber along with he was my Boston Rob,” she explained. “Not in a, ‘I love you, I want to marry you,’ aspect. He incorporates a wife along with three kids. Just kind of how he played the game. I wanted to be his right hand.” 

“We just were always up talking strategy, talking game… so I just felt like I genuinely got to know him. along with he was This kind of guy, coming out with guns ablazing, along with the idea’s hard for those guys to make the idea to the end, nevertheless I love the idea when they do,” she continued. “So I genuinely wanted to help him from the game, along with hopefully This kind of doesn’t curse him.” 

While Morgan was surprised of which the show was “genuinely real” — “You’re pooping from the ocean along with you have no toilet paper along with there’s no toothbrush… I began at 127 pounds along with left at 0,” she said. “There’s no nachos along with pizza.” — she has no regrets over her game play. The marine animal trainer insisted of which her elimination was genuinely just due to chance, nevertheless she’s still a fan of all the Ghost Island twists. 



“the idea’s so cool to see all the idols coming from the past along with the torches. nevertheless being from the game, I think the idea leaves a lot of your game to chance,” she said. “I don’t like of which part of the idea, nevertheless coming from a fan’s perspective, the idea’s genuinely cool. I’m geeking out over the Survivor: Ghost Island aspect of the idea.” 

As for who fans should keep an eye on as the season progresses, Morgan says of which would likely be Domenick, of course, as well as Kellyn, Bradley along with Wendell. “Kellyn’s of which sweetheart, she’s quirky, she’s fun. Bradley, I just think he’s hilarious. Domenick is usually just a strong player, along with Wendell’s kind of behind the radar,” she described. “I think my alliance was genuinely strong along with genuinely great.” 

Survivor: Ghost Island airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 


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