Sustainability entrepreneur helps Asia business combat climate change

When Stephanie Dickson landed her dream job straight out of college, she thought she had the item made.

She had fantasized her whole life about working in fashion along with, suddenly, she had a job that will allowed her to do that will, organizing some of the industry’s biggest events across Asia.

nevertheless then one day the veil fell, along with Dickson realized the job she had dreamed of was not what the item seemed.

“I got my dream job,” Dickson told CNBC Make the item. “nevertheless about three along using a half years in, I just became definitely disconnected with the work I was doing.”

the item was then 2015, along with climate change was gaining increasing attention on the international stage. To Dickson’s surprise, she found there was one industry lurking at the center of the issue: Her own.

In fact, alongside commonly cited culprits like the energy, transport along with agriculture sectors, the fashion industry is usually today considered one of the globe’s largest polluters.

“I felt completely blindsided,” said Dickson, whose disillusionment led her to start watching documentaries along with reading up on the issue. “I’d been working in This specific industry along with I had no idea what actually was going on.”

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