Sweden’s prime minister loses vote of confidence throwing government into disarray

Among Sweden’s 349 members of parliament, 204 lawmakers voted “no” to Lofven remaining in his position, Reuters reported Tuesday morning. No one abstained, 142 voted in favour of Lofven remaining from the job along with three members of parliament were absent.

The vote comes two weeks after an inconclusive election whose result rocked the country’s political establishment.

Neither of the two main political coalitions in Sweden – of which of Lofven’s center-left grouping or the center-right Alliance — gained a majority. producing matters worse for Sweden’s more liberal politicians, the election saw the far-right Sweden Democrats party increase its share of the vote, becoming something of a “kingmaker” from the formation of a brand-new coalition government.

Lofven has refused to work with the Sweden Democrats, who in turn backed the center-right Alliance coalition in a confidence motion against the prime minister.

“Today, after the election, we’re doing what we promised before the election,” the Moderates’ Ulf Kristersson, leader of the largest party from the centre-right Alliance opposition, told parliament ahead of the vote, Swedish English news outlet, The Local, reported Tuesday. “To the Alliance of which is usually obvious of which Sweden needs a brand-new government.”

The Social Democrats (Lofven’s party), Greens along with Left voted for Löfven unsurprisingly, while the Alliance, made up of four center-right parties – the Moderates, the Centre party, the Liberal People’s Party along with Christian Democrats — voted against him along with the Sweden Democrats, The Local reported.

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