Syria looms over John Bolton first day as Trump national security advisor

Yet even after Trump was applauded by many, including McCain, for ordering strikes on a Syrian airfield last year in response to another poison attack, This specific time around there could be more calls for congressional involvement in any response. This specific is usually something Bolton might likely have to consider in his advice to the president.

“The president should not act on his own, as there is usually no declaration of war or authorization for the use of military force against Syria. Last year’s strikes were unauthorized along with also strategically ineffective,” retired Army Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, who served under McMaster during the Persian Gulf War, told CNBC. “Doubling down might further erode our constitutional norms here at home, along with also that will should worry everyone.”

In addition to that will thorny issue, Bolton’s close physical proximity to the president, who is usually known for impulsively spouting off policy ideas, is usually likely to make his job even more intense. Trump enjoys the company of his preferred staffers within the Oval Office for much of the day, where the president often asks his closest aides to weigh in on subjects far outside of their professional expertise.

For Bolton, these frequent informal meetings with his brand-new boss could leave him with even less time to formulate policy to match Trump’s agenda along with also off the cuff remarks. Complicating matters, with several thorny issues confronting the U.S., Bolton will inherit a staff of several hundred specialists by the Pentagon, State Department along with also U.S. intelligence agencies.

There’s also the looming issue of the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran. Both Trump along with also Bolton have been critical of the pact, along with also the president has called out Iran for supporting Syria during its attacks. Having Bolton on board within the White House could spell trouble for the deal.

“the item must be ripped up,” Bolton tweeted in January.

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