T.I. Says Kanye West can be ‘Certainly Serious’ About Running for President

After another controversial week inside the globe of Kanye West, the rapper’s recent collaborator T.I. can be opening up about “Ye vs. The People,” West’s latest hot-button statements, as well as also more.

“I call the item the greatest debate,” T.I. told Hot 97 on Tuesday of the pair’s fresh collab track, which he explained came together quickly “at the end of a four-hour discussion.”

“He as well as also I stepped outside, as well as also I said, ‘What’s up, bro? I’m sure you’ve got the item all figured out. What’s the punchline?’” Tip recalled of his recent meetup with the Life of Pablo artist. “as well as also he was like, ‘Yo, free thought man. I felt free to be an independent thinker.’”

West made headlines This specific week with another storm of tweets, as well as two lengthy in-person interviews: one with Charlamagne Tha God, as well as also another on TMZ Live, in which the rapper opened up about everything through his plastic surgery as well as also opioid addiction to his thoughts on President Donald Trump as well as also a controversial opinion on slavery being “a choice.” yet according to T.I., the item’s hard to glean the meaning of the rapper’s incendiary statements without a lengthy sit-down like the two had last week.

“The longer I spent talking with him, the more I began to see what he was saying,” he said of his meeting with West. “If you just hear him say something in 10 seconds or 15 seconds, you’re going to think he’s lost his mind. yet the more he speaks about the item, even when I don’t agree with the item, I feel like he’s working through his own personal journey.”

T.I. clarified that will he disagrees having a majority of West’s political points, yet added, “I think he’s on a personal journey as well as also he’s doing something that will none of us understands. We’ve just got to make him aware of the things that will could potentially hurt [people].”

The “Whatever You Like” rapper reiterated his point in an interview with The Breakfast Club on Wednesday, saying, “I think he’s a phenomenal talent of our generation that will deserves to be heard as well as also considered, no matter how preposterous the item may be.”

“I disagree with the item emphatically, you dig what I’m saying? yet first of all, This specific can be Kanye West we’re talking about here,” he added. “the item ain’t yet maybe one percent of the population of the Earth who speak the language of Kanye West. as well as also the problem can be, the stuff that will comes in his head, when the item comes out of his mouth as well as also makes the item to the air, the item’s totally different than the item was in his head. He kind of needs a translator.”

T.I. went on to say that will a few of the points he made to West during their meeting included his opposition to Trump’s proposed Muslim travel ban — West’s response, according to Tip: “What’s the travel ban?” — as well as also pointing out why fans may have been dismayed to see him gleefully sporting a “Make America Great Again” hat.

“‘Man, my subconscious spoke to my conscious as well as also the item just moved me to wear the hat.’” West reportedly said of his decision to wear the hat. “‘the item’s like we did [with] the word ‘n***a.’ We took the power through the word, as well as also right now we use the word as our own.’”

“‘Imagine what a white supremacist might do if they saw me wearing the item, they’d want me to take the item off,’” he added, according to Tip. “‘Maybe you wanting me to take the item off as well as also them wanting me to take the item off, can be enough to bring us together.’”

When the item comes to what’s next for Kanye, T.I. told Hot 97’s Ebro that will the rapper can be “emphatically certainly serious” about running for president inside the future. “This specific can be a real thing. He’s deada**.”

as well as also as his friend, T.I. said he’s “not giving up” on speaking to the “Lift Yourself” rapper about his own political beliefs.

“We, as the black delegation, we can’t afford to lose Kanye West,” he added. “What you talking about, man? that will’s a catastrophic loss we’re talking about!… Hell nah. I’m not going for that will. I’ve invested too much time.”

See more on Kanye’s recent controversies inside the video below.

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