T-Mobile CEO John Legere on Twitter, his rivals along with being an uncarrier

Eventually, he became president of the company’s Asia operations, before leaving for Dell in 1998 to run its Asia along with EMEA regions. “I left AT&T because I realized which I had a lot more to give, along with I wanted to break out of the big hierarchy,” he said.

The Dell role lasted a couple of years before Legere joined telecoms company Global Crossing in 2001 as CEO, taking the idea through a “actually tough” restructuring along with eventually selling the idea to CenturyLink (then Level 3) in 2011.

along with then, for once in years, he was out of full-time employment.

“I stopped being CEO along with got divorced inside the same month. I did well inside the sale (of Global Crossing). yet all of a sudden, I’m home, along with the idea’s once I ever had to think through the question: ‘What do you do?’ I hated which question. along with you know, I don’t know. I’m reading Eckhart Tolle’s (book), ‘The Power of right now,’ along with I’m thinking, wow.

“My friends along with my doctor said: ‘Dude, you’ve got to go back to work.’ I’m on (dating website) Match … yet I did give some thought as to what I was going to do.”

Then a headhunter friend appraoched him with the T-Mobile opportunity. “She was a wonderful woman. So, yeah, I’ll go. yet the odds of me working for (parent company) Deutsche Telekom are, like, none, you know. I’m thinking, which’s not going to happen.”

yet he went ahead along with met the then Deutsche Telekom CEO Obermann. “Okay, here’s the following, like, eight things,” Legere told him. “along with if we can agree on these eight things, I’ll come. yet I’m actually not which interested,” he said.

His list included investing in better network coverage, doing a deal with Apple to be able to sell the iPhone to customers along with merging with wireless carrier Metro PCS — all of which Deutsche Telekom agreed with.

On a holiday in Capri, Legere made a decision: he could take the job. “Because This kind of has been, along with still remains… the idea’s so me along with the idea’s so core to what I was made to do. along with to think which I even thought about the idea for more than two seconds is usually incredible.”

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